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Smart Watch for a Smart System

Add DroneMobile smart watch and smartphone control to any compatible Compustar by Firstech, LLC. remote start/security system!

DroneWatchDroneMobile V3.3 Update is now available in the Apple App Store! This update brings DroneMobile functionality to the Apple Watch. Android Update on the way shortly…

Major Changes:

  1. Apple Watch Functionality – Start, secure, and track your vehicle from your Apple Watch!
  2. Voice Control (beta) – When you are in the main control screen, force touch the app to bring up the voice control command. Please note, voice control commands cannot be accessed outside of the DroneMobile app since Apple hasn’t opened up the APIs for Siri, yet. Here are some commands you can try out!:
    1. “Start My Car”
    2. “Lock My Doors”
    3. “Where’s My Car?”
  3. Performance Boost – In order to improve communication speed from Watch devices, we’ve streamlined communication/confirmation for watch communication specifically.
  4. Phone Sync – In the event that your watch is not displaying the correct information from your account, simply press “Sync with Phone” and your information should be displayed correctly.