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Rep Firm Helps you Feel the Bass!

FEEL THE BASS is more than just a cool song from the 90s…it’s a reality.

PGWoofersMusic without bass is no fun. When you first experience the feeling of bass, it envelops you and brings you into the beat of the music. Bass is that wow factor to music that is addictive! A good subwoofer will bring the bottom octave of your music back into proper balance, allowing you to hear familiar tunes in a whole new light. It’s not just about the boom, either! You can adjust any subwoofer to fit your tastes and your vehicle. Just know, once you drive with a subwoofer, you can never go back to living without one. Or two!

Now that you know you want some bass, let’s get some amazing subs in your hands! The Elite-series subwoofers are the best Phoenix Gold subwoofers weave ever created. They’ve been engineered with extreme precision high-temp 3″ voice coils from Japan for increased power handling and reliability, a larger triple-stacked 230oz. motor and radial venting for 30% better heat dissipation than past models. The dual spider system keeps the ultra-long voice coil centered to eliminate any motor vibrations and losses. The speaker terminals are on one side of the cast basket for better installation flexibility and the subs are optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures to produce accurate sound quality and massive SPL performance. The end result is a smooth, effortless output even during massive excursion and extreme power.