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About 12Volt Marketing Group

Who we are

Get to know us and our Business!

A long history in the 12 Volt industry and a strong desire to do things better.

The story of the 12 Volt Marketing Group has to start with its founder, Franklin (Frankie) Mark. A true industry veteran, Frankie has been in the 12 Volt industry for nearly thirty years.

From enthusiast, to retailer to manufacturers representative to the founder of one of the most unique 12 volt manufacturers rep firms in the businesses. Frankie Mark is a real life industry authority with influence across brands and industries.

Frankie believed there was a need for a better, more nimble and forward thinking rep firm in the 12 volt industry. He envisioned the removal of the old guard and the uprising of a more sophisticated, more technology savvy, better connected rep firm. Frankie took that vision and created the award winning, 12 Volt Marketing Group.

Countless car audio, mobile electronics and 12 volt companies, succeed in ways never before imagined with the help of Frankie and his firm. What’s next? You’ll have to become a client to find out.

Our History


Started my career in 1988 in 12 volt with Beta Sound Distributors in Long Island City, N.Y. Worked with the company for 8 years.


Became the V.P. of sales for Northeastern Marketing-12-volt rep firms


Appointed Director of sales-Northern N.J. for Directed Electronics


Saw a need in the 12 Volt industry for a new breed, a different type of rep firm and deiced to make something great happen. Founded 12 Volt Marketing Group.


12 Marketing Group wins “US Rep Firm of the Year” award

Success Principles

MOTTO: Honesty, Integrity, Service and Passion.

My focus and attention to the details often overlooked by others, is the foundation on which I build a successful partnership with each of my accounts and supported brands. Spending the requisite time to teach my clients about products, sales, marketing, social media, and winning in the 12 volt marketplace. 

With nearly 30 years of 12 volt knowledge; we are able to identify strength and weakness in the industry, and strategically and masterfully help our clients navigate the obstacles that would otherwise impede their success.

Core Values


Compustar Testimonial
Hiring Frankie Mark and 12 Volt Marketing is one of the best decisions that I’ve made. Frankie is one of the hardest working reps that I know and an absolute pleasure to work with. Since hiring Frankie, Firstech’s numbers in Metro-NY have grown consistently across all measurable metrics. Not only does Frankie have great relationships with sub-distributors, but he also spends a significant amount of time and energy detailing and supporting dealers at the retail level.
Jason Kaminski
Managing Director