12 Volt Companies and Instagram

Great to See 12volt Companies Instagrammin’

Interesting article from 12VoltNews about dealers using Instagram for business IGlogo SHREVEPORT, LA (12.05.15) – Many proactive 12volt retailers and companies across the U.S., and around the globe, are utilizing the power of Instagram to engage and connect with followers plus consumers. The vast majority of people utilizing social media don’t want to be “sold to.” The 3 examples in this 12voltBite deliver an exciting...
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Rep Firm Helps you Feel the Bass!

FEEL THE BASS is more than just a cool song from the's a reality.

PGWoofersMusic without bass is no fun. When you first experience the feeling of bass, it envelops you and brings you into the beat of the music. Bass is that wow factor to music that is addictive! A good subwoofer will bring the bottom octave of your music back into proper balance, allowing...
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