Monthly Archives: July 2018

Safe & Sound Compustar Top Gun Retailer

Safe & Sound Installations in Brooklyn, N.Y. With Fabie Phillips (owner) & Daren Hudson (GM)-Compustar Top Gun Retailer-3 years in a row. Congrats to one of the first authorized Compustar Pro Retailers in Brooklyn, N.Y....
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Car Tunes Custom Compustar Top Gun Retailer

With James Sheherlis (owner), Marty Langdan (owner/installer) & Giovanni Balsamo -Car Tunes Custom in Staten Island, N.Y. Congrats-First year recipient -Compustar Top Gun Retailer- Firstech/Compustar the leader in security/remote starters in the 12-Volt Industry....
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Ultra Sounds New Dealer- Audiotec Fischer

Visiting Ultra Sounds in Lyndbrook, N.Y. with John Francis (owner)-new authorized dealer for Audiotec Fischer-German manufacturer for Brax Audio, Match & Helix DSP. John is one of the most respected owner/installer in metro NY/NJ....
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